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Every so often, I like to do a formal introduction, so hello and welcome! First things first: I’m Julia, founder and owner of The Gala Effect and a Wedding Planner in Houston, Tx. I am also an active volunteer for one of Houston's largest event producers, a wife, and most importantly a mother of 4 adult children.

My motivation, my why, and the people who make me laugh and smile every day will always be my children. My four adult children remind me every day why I work so hard to make a difference. It is because of them, I am who I am today, I guess they can say the same. :) What I love most about them is they are amazing in their own way while achieving individual goals.

It's because of my children and watching my mother throughout my life, I enjoy sharing my time for the benefit of others big or small. My volunteerism began with assisting in my children's classroom and now I share my time with various organizations on a larger scale. Every few weeks I have the privilege of sharing my time with one of Houston's' largest event producers during their multiple annual events. I also have the privilege each year to share my time with the Houston Independent School District with their annual Project Prom Fashion Show since 2018.

Although I enjoy sharing my time for the benefit of others, I also LOVE all things WEDDINGS!

Here at The Gala Effect, we love to help our clients execute their dream wedding, realizing every detail with the touch of The Gala Effect. We aspire to join you in every milestone of your and your family’s life.

At The Gala Effect, we are passionate about providing you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the festivities during your special day. Your dream wedding was meant to have your family by your side not laying out linens, lighting candles, greeting vendors, late because they were "assigned" to set up your event, and missing in your forever photos. Before I began my business journey I often found parents (mostly mothers) "working" the event with other family members and I thought they were missing out on the joy of the day and this is why we are here for you.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I’d love to know more about YOU, so let me know where you’re from and what brought you to my site today in the comments below so we can get acquainted!

Other services include limited rental items and custom gifts for baby showers and homecoming mums.

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